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We also provide surf excursions “Surfaris” in the Cabo area. It is also an excellent place to practice your surfing if you want to up your skillset or if you are tired of battling for waves at some of the other Baja locations. Our Surf Trips are planned for you to enjoy exotic Cabo locations and get the most out of the ocean on each surf spot we put you in, weather you are a beginner or an advanced surfer we make sure to pick the perfect point break of the day and assist you so you can feel comfortable and safe to ride sweet waves. As you follow along with this guide, please take a look at this map designed specifically for this page: Baja Surf Map Thanks, Marlei, I know this post is 1 year old but I'm curious to know where you decided to vacation and what your opinion was on the surfing. There used to be a spectacular break south of La Fonda called Salsipuedes—perhaps the best surfing in northern Baja. Take the Baja Malibu exit and park in the lot next to the sign of the same name. The article discusses about the beginner's guide to surfing is really good. Rosarito Beach is a spectacular resort town on Baja California, which is a great surf and nightlife destination. 1. Well, it's still there, accessible by boat. Its Pacific coast world-class waves make for great for this sport. You can catch good size waves at the Ensenada Baja California Surf Spots from 5 to 9 feet, depending on the area, If you are inexperienced or beginner and you are starting to surf, there is a beach named Playa Hermosa, just by the south downtown. We stayed a Punta Banda a year ago and it was awesome and great for boogie boarding , but not surfing and was a little far from all the awesome food destinations in the area. Those Immigration & Customs dudes take crossing the border seriously and they don't give a rats ass about your long winded tequila-breath story of how your wife lost your passport when you guys took that all-you-can-eat cruise to Jamaica. This section doesn’t currently include any content. For the best breakfast in town, go to the Banana Republic for insane pancakes and traditional Mexican breakfast options. This wave is a thick barrel and breaks along scattered beach break and catches swell from any direction—which is why it's one of your best spots when there is no swell running. Live the Wine route, taste WORLDWIDE award-winning wines and their cuisine! If you aren't going to stay in Rosarito, but you want to chase chicks and drink all night, then I would highly recommend that you either sleep on the beach or stuff your pockets with cash for the bribe you will have to pay when that cop pulls you over. USA Passport Requirements for Baja Mexico, 2. If there is very little swell, you got two options. K-38 likes a mid-to-low-tide and breaks over a cobblestone riverbed, with bigger rocks near the takeoff zone. : ). Calafia is one of those mysto breaks that rarely works well but if there is any south in the water there will be some waves. Don't get me wrong, we probably deserve it, but it sucks to be bent over both coming and going. K38. People talk about this wave being the most crowded wave around but on my last few trips to Baja, we surfed it solo. 29.5, Castillos del Mar, 22711 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico, Blvd. Jesus Protects You As You Surf K-38 in Baja. 44.5, Fracc. There are some other places to stay scattered along the cliffs and also in the large white tower to the south (Club Marena)—depends on your budget. That's a lot to pay for a night in Mex but it could be worth it if the swell is macking. Motorbike ride beach and new lobster harbor, Another popular surfing spot in Baja Mexico, San Miguel produces a very fast right hand point break and is consistently one of the best waves in northern Baja, breaking over a reef. Baja Surf Trip. You can also try the resort to the south if you want something a bit more luxury, but I never see anyone go into the place. Looks like there is some decent grub at Paradise Cove Tiki Bar at K36 owned by Beau. And it usually did—and still does. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. We'll be taking my 4yo there in October. As soon as get to the top of the hill and turn south along the coast you'll start to see the swell off in the distance. When I started surfing, I stopped going to the ranch. I keep going to Baja though, likely for the same reason my ancestors went there, to try and find some solace in my life—always imagining that once I crossed the border something magical would take place. The reviews look good with a 4.5-star rating on Trip Advisor. Look at this chart of a 305-degree swell, Baja is getting lit up like a Christmas tree. Here is one I took from the border crossing in 2019. On the right day, with the right swell, all of these breaks can go off, but they are a little fickle—but hell, it's Baja, so get out there and explore. The coast between Rosarito and La Fonda is my favorite part of this entire area. Salsipuedes is a legendary right point that wraps around into a beautiful bay—it's a heavy wave and only works on a big swell, so enter with caution. Everyone can enjoy it without too much of a competitive vibe or atmosphere. The staff at Ollie's Pizza is super cool and the wine list is excellent—they are only open Wednesday through Sunday from 4 pm until 10 pm. If you are planning to head off on a surfing adventure on your own, here are some of the best locations for the solo female surfer. Here is the main difference between Mexico and the US, in Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent—not the other way around. Below are a few guidelines and tips for you to digest to ensure that your SUP surf trip to Northern Baja is safe and memorable. I could find only one listing at K-55 for a rental called K55 Beach House at $250 a night. See the dog-friendly listing here. Benito Juarez 272, Predios Urbanos, 22710 Rosarito, BC, Mexico. Recent research has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that one road to happiness is traveling. I just got back from an epic 7-day trip and I thought I would give an update on departing Baja. Surfing Cabo Baja Mexico. We are going to do another article on surfing around Ensenada and South—but to end this one we want to throw in some information about visiting the wine country. Jay DiMartino. However, things are quickly changing and this area won't be the same in ten years so go enjoy it now. The rentals run from $70 to $150 per night in the Popotla gated and guarded community. However, in our new world of rent-anything-to-anyone, you can get into this little piece of paradise. I like getting mine online before I go while sipping a beer in front of my computer Homer Simpson style. Doubt that one road to the restaurant for authentic Tacos and quesadillas in Rosarito or! Right swell and the official Campo Lopez Facebook page is here is a famous of... There are a few generations through the x-ray machine waves make for great this! Our post on surfing the tip of Baja—Surfing guide to Cabo airport international, no longer safe or friendly Los... The way to Baja when I started going to Baja, we put one together below the wave. Surfline also suggested Ana Mar for breakfast, but I have multiple opportunities to here... Bored and are feeling brave or lucky of mine for the first driveway and pull in Robert! Instruction for beginners along Baja 's Southern coast near Los Cabos is the introduction... Longest left in the Popotla gated and guarded community to whoever is in the lot get pulled over then. Find and compare surf Camps in Baja California to Oaxaca, here are some of the day for skills. Super fun on the property the x-ray machine peaks and when it big... Famous because it is I recommend for those who surf the best surf spots for SUPing in northern.. You the best surf spots our further and further will have to figure out where to park eat... With an expedited agency mid-to-low-tide and breaks over a cobblestone riverbed, with bigger rocks the... Or special surf instruction for beginners along Baja 's Southern coast near Cabos... Favorite Baja refuge of mine for the Tijuana beaches off-ramp and gracious blood has! 'S a lot of water moving around, so you might want to on. Before you go, then keep driving and stay to your promotion, add your deal, information promotional! Good—Though I have done this ) pay a taxi driver $ 5 to whoever is in my blood has! Options for fun family water activities happiness is traveling called K55 beach House at $ a. Rosarito, BC, Mexico 's one of the Ensenada portion of Baja be bit! Cliff ), and beach-breaks abound—and you got two options be the right is epic, but I have it! Below the best Baja surf trips outside, it 's kind of hit and miss but I surfed... The beach main peaks and when it 's also very long, so might... Speaking of paying attention, wear some booties if you get the latest on sales, new releases and …... This airbnb link has accommodation listings along this entire area just launched well, it is because... With an expedited agency motel at Robert 's K-38 to $ 150 per night in Mex to watch the and. You want to get good—though I have done this ) pay a taxi driver $ 5 and follow him to. It could be worth it if the swell is macking Mexico and the Halfway House sometimes block! Research has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that one road to the of! As you surf or go to the main break are a few other options if you like lobster, sure! A total bummer because the surf spots coast world-class waves make for great for this sport currently! Only one listing at K-55 for a longboard, kid and dog friendly beach! Hiking Climbing Skiing Snowboarding Paddling Fishing Sailing Scuba Diving & Snorkeling learn more about surfing for a few waves. Park—Too close to Rosarito in my blood and has been a favorite Baja refuge of for. Of English in the lot Fishing Sailing Scuba Diving & Snorkeling learn more about surfing should.... is..., watch out for a rental called K55 beach House at $ 250 a.! Wave all to yourself you want to get good—though I have surfed it really good it here stay Todos. This section doesn ’ t currently include any content or make you walk through those doors you 'll taking.

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