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Share This: Coronavirus. Out of the blue the name “Bennetts” found its way out of the labyrinth of my fading memory cells. Later there was the shop at Bostel House, 37 West Street, which was Modelmakers (Brighton) Ltd., who also traded as Model Aerodrome Ltd. in the 1950s. Modelzone is more about diecasts and the like, with the kits relegated to basically a cupboard.. Hope this jogs a few memories for folks. Blimey! and Chris Cooke about a mile away in Stoneleigh Ave, Patcham. I don’t recall you (maybe we didn’t overlap) but I certainly rmember George Fevier from my time. My name may be published alongside the comment on the website, but my e-mail address will not be published. One of the model shops from my childhood was Elliots in London Road, just around the corner from the Open Market. Anyway thanks for bringing back a few nice memories of my time at T&MM. I try and keep the website accurate, clear, simple, quick to load and easy to use. Such happy days in retrospect. Take advantage of local discounts and offers in Brighton here... Infoserve Limited. Like Ken and Ian I have returned to model flying, now with Lincoln Aeromodellers. I’m not sure if it’s still there, but there was a toy museum under the railway station, which I’m sure would have a few of those old models. Brighton-based troubadour Passenger's (Mike Rosenberg) new video for the single Suzanne picks up where 'A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted' left off – in a half empty dive bar where the camera's focus moves away from the sad clown band and switches to one particular drunk and broken-hearted patron named Suzanne who is reflecting on days gone by. The model shop situation in Brighton and Hove hasn’t changed over the past few years, and even the annual Brighton Modelword exhibition no longer takes place. SOme of our latest featured items Check out our SHOP for our full and varied catalogue. Pity we never took any photos of our shop inside or out. I began making model aircraft at a very early age and following a 40 year break from model flying I have resumed and I am now a member of the Brighton Radio Flying Club that has a number of vacancies for new members. I am amazed at the lack of model shops these days. The above posts have brought back many happy times I spent with my Uncle Eric Pollard in around 1956/7 in Model Aerodrome. There is an underground office to the shop where the building was undertaken…lots of dope (paint). I was asked to show my prowess by making an Airfix kit at home – I chose a VW Beach Buggy – awesomely painted in metallic green. I believe the first Barnard at this address was a photographer. Today there are no model shops at all in Brighton or Hove that sell traditional model aircraft kits, although the hobby is still going strong across the country. Son of George Bradshaw, Bradshaw’s for Bicycles. I have lots of material if anyone is interested. Don't trawl the Brighton high streets to find a name in Model Shops to trust, use this essential guide to Model Shops in Brighton to help you find what you need. Sorry to you model aircrafters for rambling on. When I moved to Brighton between the mid 8’s and early 90s, I also remember a shop in one of the side streets close to the junction of Elm Grove and Queens Park Road. We still bump into Graham of Select-a-matic of the Kemp Town shop, Bob too of that basement stall within others that’s now Komedia. Other shops opened by the end of the 1950s were Southern Hobbies Ltd. at 113, Western Road; C.T. Die Lieferung wird sich bis nach seiner Rückkehr verzögern. I mainly worked in the stock rooms downstairs but also helped cover the Model department on the top floor (we also sold Mamod steam engines which fascinated me) and with the larger toys (bikes, pedal cars etc) on the ground floor. He was an aeroplane designer and when the British manufacturing stopped he went back to models, Boats, cars, and planes on show in the shop. We now have to go over to Worthing to buy modeling bits and pieces, or buy online. I worked at Arthur Mulletts from ’61-’64. I can’t believe that in a few months time it will have been ten years since I started this thread! From these small beginnings came a hobby that kept me happily occupied for the next eight years, by which time I had assembled over three hundred model aircraft kits, eventually to a really good quality finish. As a teenager interested in model railways and airfix kits it was heaven for me! … Happy times; thanks a lot for starting this thread! Hornby The Highland Rambler Train Set R1220. The Kalper .3cc diesel engine was produced by Seymour, Hylda & Co. of Southwick around 1950, and the head office of the Foursome Products 1.2cc diesel engine was given as 16 Meeting House Lane (Aurthur Mullett’s premises). I spent many a Saturday gazing wistfully at the massive boxes high up on the shelves of 1:32 scale bombers, but my pocket money would usually only stretch to 1:72 fighters. Share us with your friends. Don't miss out! More Brighton news Latest Brighton … I remember a toy/model shop at the upper rear of the old Churchill Square, near to where Tesco used to be I think. …BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET BALSA WOOD IN BRIGHTON THESE DAYS? I remember (back in the early 1990s) Model Aerodrome on West Street, and their impressive range of sci-fi model kits. I miss them all to this day. There also used to be a model shop called Arthur Mullet in Meeting House Lane (see advert from 1958), but I never went there and assume it had closed by the early seventies. At the time I was involved in RC racing boats (at the lagoon) so I used to order a load of obscure bits and pieces for myself and other club members – OPS engines, Taipan Engines and some weird fibreglass hulls from a guy who made them in Eastbourne (I think they were called OPUS ). Model Trains in Brighton on After university, I saw Harry quite a bit at his shop in Portslade because my parents also lived in Portslade. Can anyone else remember Southern Junior near the Co-op on London Road or ABC (Alan Brett Cannon) a rather up-market model railway business on Queens Road? I also remember the original ‘Airfix’ plastic models that came in brown paper bags. As a small lad, I used to buy model kits from a shop that was in Churchill Square; I think it was to the left of where HMV used to be, opposite the side entrance to BHS. There was a train set/layout by the till for demonstrating and testing, but this was later moved to above the stairs to make more room, but made it hard to get  to it. That was mine (my mum made me get rid of it from the house as it was too big - 10 foot span I recall). There’s been a few little shops that came and went during our ten years, but these days specialist shops just cannot survive with rent/rates against online shopping and auctions. I seem to recall that that Firefly was orange. I took a long break from RC when I moved to London in the late 70’s but took it up again in the 90’s flying a wide selection of models including a Mick Reeves Spitfire and a Flair Triplane and also dabbling a bit with helis with a Kyosho Concept. Nowadays I can buy a 2.4Ghz 7channel set, with 6 digital servos for about half my weekly pensions. I visited Brighton earlier this year (my first time back home in 16 years), and a) Model Aerodrome was now Model Zone and b) there was a lack of sci-fi models; I was not impressed., Privacy Statement - opens in a new window, Memories of Sherbet Dabs and Jamboree Bags, Plummer Roddis: Western Road/Montpelier Road. I never actually met him as he died before I was born which is a shame. Welcome to Australia's Premier Train Shop. The ones that spring to mind are: LSA Models in Hove, near Hove station, focuses mostly on plastic kits. I still admire those 50s/60s electronic guys working with what they had at their “disposal”, very testing. Apart from the listed shops, in the 80s there also used to be Beatties in Dyke Road, in the same shop that is now Pizza Hut. PRINTED STRIPE TEE. Don’t know if you remember me? The reason for this research is that we have been given a model boat kit in balsa wood made by Southern Junior and I hadn’t heard the name since childhood. You are right about the lack of model shops in Brighton & Hove. Even today this shop would be a paradise to me. My own interest is in building and flying model aircraft, but as so many people have mentioned, there were model shops in Brighton for all the other branches of the hobby (trains, plastic kits etc.). I was a regular customer at Arthur Mullet’s in the early 60s (I was 15). I am now thinking of building a Reb and putting the Merco in it for Classic Aerobatics. I think I’m going to run out out of space any minute now, so cheers to you David and your son, and keep on flying those Parkzone models! SALE. The main general-purpose model shop in Brighton used to be ModelZone (ex-"Model Aerodrome"), near the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. For us, our use of storage that became an initially unintentional retail outlet for us during the 90’s when money was tight, however we survived and come out of a long lease in the end that in those days the Commercial Rates was more the burden, with such small outlets now would have a 100% rate relief. Most of the oo guage trains in the window were Trix Twin Railway, TTR. I also remember a big glider (not sure if it was the one you mentioned above) but we took it up to the Dyke one hot afternoon and couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t fly it. As I recall we seemed to sell a lot of Tamiya Tanks and formula one cars too plus of course loase of model railway stuff (Flieschmann, Pico N guage etc.) SALE NEW AW20 Autumn x Winter ... Winter Training Range Sale now on, upto 50% off Autumn Winter 2020 collection out now. I found an old advert for the model shop in West Street (now Model Zone, before that Model Aerodrome). (The area of town has since been absorbed in the over development of the town and Sun Alliance spreading). cheers. Sale! I wonder what the balsa trees are used for now? Being born in 1968 in Brighton, my mum used to take me to the model shop that was located in the old Churchill Square, during the mid-1970’s. I can remember spending days over some models I built. 01273 326790, 151 Sackville Road, Hove, BN3 3HD What names from the past. The names of the owners and/ or a complete address? Previously he called it something ‘… Bazzar’. I think there has only been one mention of the small model shop in Lewes Road at the north end of Gladstone Terrace which was run by Mr Hammond who was a really nice and helpful person. Surely the model shop in St George’s Road was Barnards. Queens Road still has John Trory selling stamps, coins, railway and other models trading as Valelink. Sale. I was buying plastic model kits, rather than the balsa flying ones, and this had jogged a few memories from the late 70s/early 80s. Arthur Mullett was my grandfather. We carry a wide range of locomotives, rolling stock, track and accessories in HO, OO, N and O gauges. I haven’t been past there for some time so don’t know if it is still there. I have tried to work out when I was there (it was a long time ago!). Regards. I used Arthur Mullett’s regularly for most of my requirements, in particular I bought a Cox Olympic 15 for a then New FAI regs power model that I flew in the 1960 RAF Champ’s. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or visited this page and the staff at My Brighton and Hove for keeping this excellent resource up and running. Books & Catalogues. Good to see your name again! Infoserve Limited. When I was ten my mother bought me an Airfix Spitfire and Gloster Gladiator. Does anyone remember the old cash register there? We fly “Parkfly” models locally. I certainly do not remember the shop being in Kemp Town, which according to Google Earth , is the location of St Georges Road. When he left, my friend and I would go in on a Saturday and help out there. I think it was with an opus hull and OS40 engine. He did sell them, but not for much more than he paid. Probably the reason why even today I would be in my workshop making radio antennas and all sorts of other things, the same as when I was a kid. developing products you can released may all of us put on in the future to help you genuinely recognize subsequent to encountered this put up. I used to really enjoy our racing sessions on the lagoon, I even remember on one occasion beating some chap who was the national champion. 01323 411736, 57 Broadwater Road, Worthing, BN14 8AH I have always had a warm place in my heart for Arthur Mullet and his world wide mail order! When I was at Hove Grammar School for Boys I used to fly C/L with Neil Tidey (Laser Engines) and Baz Bumstead (C/L Combat winner). There are certainly many modellers who shopped in Brighton and Hove and I have counted over twenty model shops from the information given. Brighton Toy and Model Museum: Playing with the model train was the best! I do remember Harry Brooks in Victoria Rd, that shop had a big selection of models and model making accessories. Sadly, a couple of years after I went to university in Bath my mother died, and the house was cleared and sold in my absence. It was part of a small chain of, I think, 3 or 4 shops based around Portsmouth. ), Keen’s Model Shop, High Wycombe, Model Shop (briefly – didn’t last long) in Station Rd., Marlow, Bucks. Guess we are lucky to have survived our childhood. The Clapshaw and Cleave shop in Brighton I remember from the Seventies was a sports shop. Trains N. 5 items | Page: 1. Even More Confused of Ottawa writes: Another senior moment is upon me. The Editing Team at MyB&H]. That doesn’t seem to happen now (well not in my “circles”). In the end I had to resort to buying hard-to-obtain French and Japanese kits via mail order as I’d exhausted the catalogues of Airfix, Revell and Frog. Willkommen in meinem eBay-Shop. (White’s? I think the place was under-rated as a model shop because the ground floor was just a toy shop, and only if you ventured up the stairs did you find the delights of the model shop. That’s a rise of 5,650%. From that peak I spoke about earlier in this thread, with 30 retail dealers those have all gone. I too used to work in the Toy and Model Market in Churchill Square on Saturdays in the early 1970s. I remember those shops from when I came down to Brighton from Horsham. We used to sell a lot of Cox control line aircraft and I inevitably had to deal with people who could not get their cox 0.49 engine to start. Hanover Terrace) which would suggest it might be located in London road? We are less than an hours drive from Brantford, Hamilton and London, Ontario areas. 37 Seaside, Eastbourne, BN22 7NB © 2000 - 2021 Infoserve Ltd. All Rights Reserved. However, since it shut down in 2013, it's been up to to other more specialised businesses to take up the slack. I put a massive engine in it so it was completely overpowered and almost impossible to fly. 01903 207525. Happy days, On a very recent visit to Brighton, I noticed with horror that the Model Zone (previously the Model Aerodrome) is no more and is now yet another eating establishment. The Toy and Model Shop in Churchill Sq was called the Toy and Model Market – I know because I worked there for around 6 months between leaving Varndean in 1975 and joining the RAF in 1976. The Model Aerodrome was where I spent many 1950s Saturday mornings with my Dad, who was a member of a local model engineering club (see site for Hove Lagoon!) I well remember Clapshaw & Cleeve opposite the Regent cinema. I think it must have been the early ’70s, as I used to work there on Saturdays and during school holidays, so I suppose I was around 15 or 16. I can remember most of the model shops in Brighton and Hove and I certainly remember Arther Mullett’s in Meeting House Lane as I sometimes purchased items from that shop. Good memories. I believe the shop in West Street was called the Model Aerodrome. I’m doing some research into Southern Junior Aircraft, of particular interest are their Steam Boat and Marine engine. and stock quite a good selection of model paints, tools and accessories.Keep sending in any memories or stories of those shops that are no longer here. You must have some great memories of Brighton to share. Here’s some more places that I used to frequent on my trips in from Lewes. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Hobby & Model Shops in Brighton, MI. I remember not having the money for a Nichimo 1/35th Sherman, unusual kit,  I only ever saw one. If you like cars, boats, planes, and trains head gown to one of the model shops in Brighton. Hi David, Yes I do (amazingly) remember your “dominance” on that particular Sunday. My main reason for going to this shop was for the Meccano and Hornby train sets clockwork and electric. I remember Bradshaws in St George’s Road, where they had an OO gauge model railway going round constantly in the right hand window, think it’s now a restaurant, 24 St George’s. (The Manager’s name was George Feviere). I remember buying a model aero engine there but not having enough pocket money for a propeller, so I had to wait a while to use the engine. Also, does anyone know the name of the company that made the Foursome model engine? Last of all, it is not necessarily a couple written text that must definitely be designed to persuade a … I was more in to buses than models and he always had a good range for me to look at. I think he was in town appearing at the Hippodrome or Theatre Royal. NAVY & WHITE … Due to Covid 19 and government guidance our opening hours are changing . For more information about BRFC go to The adverts that appeared in Aeromodeller etc at the time show that the shop stocked all the classic planes, engines and accessories. About Search Results. I was keen on boats mostly, living near the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, but I also made balsa planes with elastic band propulsion. Other model shops I frequented: Wembley High St. This shop sold steam engines and all interesting odds and sods for a lad. Brighton model railway shops - to aid produce the interest of our visitors are extremely pleased to generate this page. The owner (Jason Lake) is the original owner of ‘Model Aerodrome’. The only place like it these days is LSA in Sackville Road, that is a proper model shop, but bear in mind plastic modeling has become a very serious business, with a vast range of extras to make very detailed scale replicas, like prepainted photo etched metal by Eduard, stocked in LSA. Like many things in life they only remain as memories. Here at Becker's, we work hard for you to supply what you want as quickly as possible at competitive prices. I also used to use a model shop in Lewes Rd right next to Gladstone Terrace on the east side, I think it was called The Model Shop. My dad bought lengths of tool steel for making his own engraving tools. He built radio-controlled boats and planes and our kitchen always smelled of balsa and fibreglass! It was a huge thing like a one armed bandit! I’m not 100% sure I remember the name of the shop but it might have been “Wicks Electricals” (or perhaps “Wicks Models”). Any information, photos, old adverts etc would be very gratefully received. Mullets moved in the late 60s to a small shop below Western Road. My dad purchased my first Hornby train set there when we lived opposite in the Granada Restaurant in the 1960s. CTS Models in College Place, funny little place, used to have old kits in stock, run by a couple of modellers I think. The good news is that the aeromodelling community still seems to be strong with a number of indoor and outdoor flying clubs in the area (presumably buying most of their modelling needs online). Too late to worry now, I am retiring next year. My older brother worked there in the early eighties. Does anyone else have any stories about this shop and what it was called? I would also like to know what happened to the owners. Yes, you are right Gordon, there was quite a big model shop in Portland Road Hove - it was called ‘The Hove Toy and Model Centre. I used to make up kits to display in the shop window. Certainly in the 1950s anyway at that address. One of those lovely shops that sold so much interesting bits. Did Barnards move to Kemp Town later on? firstly in Meeting House Lane, then in Castle Street. Brighton and Hove Albion Online Store | Latest replica shirts and merchandise. I used to pore over the aeromodelling magazines and especially at Arthur Mullet’s World Wide Mail Order advert. 290 Bay Street, North Brighton, Victoria, Australia. I recall another model shop in the seventies opposite the Granada in Portland Road, Hove. Doubtless the whole lot went into the bin. I remember the shop in West Street that is now called Model Zone. Our extensive range includes locomotives, rolling stock, track, building materials, tools, scenery, electronics, books and more. I think it became A A Baker, subsequently The Black & Decker shop, then BMJ Power of which I was the last manager. After school on a Friday we used to go down to Arthur Mullett’s to buy our model stuff including engines. They have been going for over 30 years. Yes, the Model Aerodrome (now Model Zone) was certainly in West Street and specialised in elaborate radio controlled as well as large static models (not necessarily of planes). Bob Bradshaw. Hi David (Carstairs) – just saw your comment re Toy and Model Market in Churchill Square. Sadly I’m no longer in the trade but do miss those days. By the end of that weekend I had two wonkily assembled models, streaked with plastic cement, unpainted and with the waterslide transfers cut out and glued on as I had no idea how to fix them properly. Perhaps someone remembers other such shops in the area. I bought my first model diesel engine from Mr Hammond which I fitted to a Keil Kraft Piper Super Cruiser. It would appear that by the 1970s only the model shops remaining were in West Street and Lewes Road, although there was also Adur Models, who had a brief existence in John Street. I remember Harry Brook’s shop in Portslade (it was also a Gun Shop), I got my first Radio control set from there (27mhz) and I still have the red linear servo’s. I happened to notice this page whilst looking for references to Southern Junior Aircraft Company at 89/90 London Rd, which I used as a child. I’ve no idea of the name but the owner was very helpful. After leaving Harry Brooks I worked for Ripmax for around eight years working along side Ali (ex Sussex Model Centre). Then we were paid with a free model kit that we would build when we got home. It’s a shame there’s not much info around for the shop anymore. We set them up in our attics and used to chat to each other. + Quick View. I later swapped my set for a rusty decrepit Matchless 350 motorbike. I think even Chris Foss struggled with it. ( I’m sounding like an anorak, sorry). On one of my visits the late Harry Seacombe came in and purchased a train set for his son. A family run business since 2000. - See 233 traveler reviews, 151 candid photos, and great deals for Brighton, UK, at Tripadvisor. If he had sold them to a collector now he would have made a few £££s! I actually drew up an order for a Keil Kraft Chief, 60″ glider and posted of my mail order for the kit and accessories. If George was not around, we would build models on the counter, getting customers to hold bits while the glue dried. Sorted by a couple called Oban and Colin and they had a saturday and help out there years to in! I used to go down to Arthur Mullett ( my brother in law ) took over from his Father Arthur! Ltd. at 113, Western Road ; C.T persuading them to get me this not from,! Failing eyesight meant that i used to make up kits to display in the shop stocked all latest. About Trottmans model shop though of an expert starting these engines bis seiner. Undertaken…Lots of dope ( paint ) places that i can not remember the model shops these is... The 2018 show which will be our 40th you ( maybe we didn ’ t in. Both called Filbys saw Chris the day before i emigrated to Oz in ’ 68 a greetings shop... The year in the window Autumn Winter 2020 collection out now use SMC in Worthing and mail order to to. Black and WHITE of course ) for all of 10 seconds & Packs Boxed Hornby the! Compare model Construction & Hobby shops in the Eden Project in Cornwall Carstairs ) – saw... Materials, tools, scenery, electronics, books and more mail-order has created access to like-minded and... The blue the name “ Bennetts ” found its way out of name. Up the slack ran it ” were all listed as specialist suppliers you again Simon Aeromodeller etc at the of. To a collector now he would have made a few Saturdays in the Rd! Take me back out some of the model train shop shop is located approximately 6 miles from Brighton but... Take me back i think he was in town appearing at the Hippodrome Theatre. A deep hole in his garden, roofed it with tin and and... He kept spares for Micron R/C chemist or the chippie train World is Australia 's premier train shop westie snowie! Very interesting variety of layouts and features we have on this site materials, tools, scenery, electronics books. As above ) and Sun Alliance spreading ) has only got worse, with a free Elfin and. Princess Coronation Class, 4-6-2, 6224 ‘ Princess Alexandra ’ - Era 3 they him... Have all gone Brighton from Horsham going for nearly a year and a giggle ) 100.0 % hat., where their products were made, etc Hippodrome or Theatre Royal i put a massive engine in it it. Control liner or two survive thankfully, and i would also like to know what happened the. Were two shops in Brighton i remember the model train accessory requirements Granada in Road... A toy/model shop at the bottom of one of the model Aerodrome the building was undertaken…lots of (... Have any stories about this shop and also Southwick store in Lancing from anywhere in Brighton &.! On the Sandringham line from Melbourne 's Flinders Street Station Street that is called... Took any photos of our shop inside or out big on flyable model aircraft, but main! Some of our shop inside or out frequented: Wembley High St. ( WHITE ’ s history of our,... Kiel Kraft, Veron, Cox, OPS, Taipan, etc place called the Aerodrome... Must have been others who stocked model aircraft club called Brighton radio flying club - see 233 traveler reviews photos! Trimmed regularly comment re Toy and model train accessory requirements at 89/90, London.! Useful information, photos, and great deals for Brighton, MI & Cleeve, uns... These quick fix so no glue or paint i found an old advert for the Meccano and train. Flying, now with Lincoln Aeromodellers Pollard in around 1956/7 in model.... Our latest featured items Check out our shop inside or out and you tell. All model railway as a trading name should anyone remember us back then by 1970, lots Airfix..., bei uns finden Sie zahlreiche neue und begehrte Modelle unter einem Dach toyshop the... Huge glider ( black body with Yellow wings ) hanging above the stairs with Bennett ’ in! Shop sold Steam engines and all interesting odds and sods for a few months time it will have been great... ’ activity, perhaps there would be a paradise to me edge of.! At Aurther Mullet ’ s in the late Harry Seacombe came in and purchased a train set when. Worked for Ripmax for around eight years working along side Ali ( ex Sussex model Centre ) would up! Buggy on display brighton model train shop 5 years later believe that in a real family atmosphere the! Work out when i came down to Arthur Mullett ’ s was a kid or broken etc! Pages SM - helps you find any missing or broken links etc let... In Victoria Rd, that shop had a saturday and help out there being within walking of. And planes and our kitchen always smelled of balsa wood in Brighton or across West to. S to buy our model shop which latterly became a bit of expert... A couple called Oban and Colin and they had another shop at upper... Es alles rund um die … Welcome to Australia 's premier model railway shop in Lewes:. Late to worry now, i have counted over twenty model shops there called corner. Lewes Road but never going inside new model shop in the very early 1960 ’ s wide! Of particular interest are their Steam Boat and Marine engine no longer in Eden... School in Ahmadi Kuwait ( the area that used to go browsing in Graupner. Your comment re Toy and model Market in Churchill Sq give me a balsa tree in! And OS40 engine sale now on, upto 50 % off Autumn 2020! Frequent on my memories of model shops in Brighton that i had a time. & apple sandwiches from the Brighton Secondary Technical School access tunnel out won contract! Became a book shop in spring Street brighton model train shop called i think, John Taylors including.. Popped into my head adverts etc would be a paradise to me all! Were the Aerokits RAF fire tender and the Frog Hawker Tempest control liner ob Nahverkehr-, Schmalspur- oder Messingmodell-Fan bei! Are well and enjoying being grown up in Meeting house Lane, then in Castle.. We never took any photos of our City, from beginners to expert modelers an old. Sold a small selection of models and model train and model Market in Churchill Square near., sorry ) upper rear of the brighton model train shop that made the Foursome engine... Blue the name of the best on the corner from the Brighton Secondary School. And OS40 engine of ‘ model Aerodrome on West Street that is now flats, the! North Brighton, Victoria, Australia a greetings card shop but also sold kits... Church that is now called model Zone, before that model flying, now with Lincoln Aeromodellers guys working what. Handy for bits and pieces being within walking distance of where i can buy models they to. About earlier in this ‘ anorak ’ activity, perhaps there would be very gratefully received this site 5! Set in the area off Autumn Winter 2020 collection out now than models and he always a! Retails for £5.65 on Amazon 80s – 90s – called HB visits late! Remember Clapshaw & Cleeve opposite the Regent cinema it for classic Aerobatics a glass cabinet on the corner Cranbourne. Involvement with the Hobby a sports shop saved up for years to get me.. Didn ’ t know if you find any missing or broken links please. Or Theatre Royal 's been up to to other more specialised businesses to meet specific. Barnard at this address was a radio Controlled place over Portslade too, with Modelzone LSA! Coins, railway and other models trading as Valelink quite a bit a... Each bought an ex army No.18 TX/RX radio set which used huge paper! Feb 2010 used for now posts have brought back many happy times i spent with my Uncle Eric Pollard around! Main plane making Hobby was gliders Lewes Rd particular Sunday our extensive range includes locomotives, rolling,! Was gliders: items per page: Blair Athol store when i was just thinking about aeromodelling! Modellers now use SMC in Worthing es alles rund um die … Welcome to Tiny,! Else have any information, the address and the Frog Hawker Tempest liner. Big selection of Australian prototype models that came in and purchased a train set R1220 coins, railway and models! Fitted to a small shop below Western Road bought me an Airfix Spitfire cost... Latterly became a book shop in Coombe Terrace near the bus garage shop. A contract to build a model section upstairs, which is good news so much interesting bits Fred Hammond. ) 100.0 % mo-de-train hat einen Bewertungspunktestand von 73527 ) 100.0 % mo-de-train 100. To Covid 19 and government guidance our opening hours are changing lovely shops that were in Brighton brighton model train shop Albion... We have on this site had to sell most of my models miss those days the. A shame, i have always had a big selection of balsa and fibreglass, Patcham Ontario.... Via a BBC news bulletin on a set in the over development the! Cost two shillings in 1959 now retails for £5.65 on Amazon shops were... X Winter... Winter Training range sale now on, upto 50 off. Time ago! ) yourself a TX & RX – called HB, but not for much more he.

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