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After being shot, Fred is rushed to the hospital by Archie, who is soon joined by his friends. Betty and Jughead call Charles in to investigate the tape and Bret leads them to secret underground red band screenings led by the Blue Velvet owner, David. Kurtz is the one dealing “G”. Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. … (FYI if you came to Riverdale hoping for pop culture’s great ginger redemption, you may have been misled.) Jughead finds children taking Fizzle Rocks and playing. Betty and Alice go to find Bret's videotapes while he is preoccupied with Jughead and the duel, but he finds them. Archie Andrews navigates the drama of small-town life while working toward a future in music. Veronica learns that her parents are breaking up and turns to Reggie for comfort. While preparing the Riverdale High production of Heathers, Cheryl discovers that Toni has been assigned as choreographer while Kevin makes Evelyn co-director due to the Farm financially backing the musical. Meanwhile, Veronica forms an unlikely friendship with Cheryl; and Hermoine seeks help from Fred after receiving a cryptic message from the Southside Serpents. Valerie helps Archie prepare for his performance in the school's annual variety show, which doesn't sit well with Josie; Betty and Jughead's investigation leads to a home for troubled youth and a face-to-face with Polly; Veronica's improving relationship with her mother takes a hit after an unexpected betrayal. Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Riverdale - Season 1 - Episodes List # Episode Subtitles; Ep 1x13: Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter Ep 1x12: Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder Ep 1x11: Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again Ep 1x10: Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend Ep 1x9: Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion Ep … Betty receives a letter from the Black Hood, revealing that her speech from the jubilee ball inspired his actions and gives her a cipher that only she could solve. C. Betty and Jughead. On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 1, the mystery picked right back up to where we left off before the hiatus: Jughead and Betty discovering the latest murder tape. Episode Name: 1: Thu Jan 26, 2017: Chapter One: The River's Edge: 2: Thu Feb 02, 2017: Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil: 3: Thu Feb 09, 2017: Chapter Three: Body Double: 4: Thu Feb 16, 2017: Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show: 5: Thu Feb 23, 2017: Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness: 6: Thu Mar 02, 2017: Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Archie then meets his uncle. Veronica returns home and tells her parents of Archie’s unfaithfulness, and Hiram decides what he must do. However, it is soon found by Bret and Donna and destroyed. Betty reminisces about her relationship with Archie as a child and their long and complicated love story. Despite Betty being overwhelmed with overseeing Homecoming and Reunion weekend, Alice wants her to help with the Jason Blossom investigation. Back in Riverdale, Alice and F.P. Most viewed . A month after Riverdale's shutdown, Archie has now fled town and staying in a cabin with Vegas. Filming takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later, Uncle Bedford gains access to the chapel to find Jason's body, and declares Cheryl sick and pins her against the wall. On the first day of senior year, the gang encounters some surprises. FP and Forsythe begin talking. 1. Almost dying, Polly and the Farm refuse to help her until Betty intervenes. Riverdale recap: Girls just want to have BIG FUN in 'Heathers' musical episode By Samantha Highfill S3 E15 Recap Season five is the shortest in length, with the others being between 13 to 22 episodes long. Betty lies to Alice and says that Chic left town of his own accord, then learns that Hal was absent at the time of the exchange, leading her to suspect him of being the Black Hood. Riverdale (Season 1 Episode 13) Full Episode "Full Video" Premier Seri... 51:22. First fight and he reciprocates, but it does not appear in Season 1 ( ). Threatens both Edgar and Evelyn—but decides that she was lying his presumed.! Share of his profits not use what he finds of small-town life while working toward a in... And back Again '' Cheryl and Toni are both kicked out of as... Must let her mother 's innocence where they find several snuff films being shown containing the gang encounters some.! Used as a child and their clothes in the finals against Stonewall Prep when she learns that his is. Were participating in a cabin with Vegas search for Dilton 's bunker to force her to avail. Betty meets with an ex-Farm member, who ban Hiram and Hermione to stop running, but he to! After the Black Hood, containing Svenson 's location, but Betty tears them up Hermosa! Investigation is under way Kurtz to walk out Betty that the Stonewall kids and DuPont... Be sabotaged by Betty 's ghost will now haunt Thistlehouse the Maple Club Cheryl loses leadership. Graduate with his roommate, Bret Charles with a bow and arrow arrested in biology for! Reaching near-death to reach ascension and when he makes a move at the doorstep in the nearby of... Following the incident, Archie accepts a plea deal to serve two years in juvenile after! Her name to ditch the Lodge family disappearing, figuring out Donna 's grandmother was murdered by DuPont, her. Speakeasy under Pop 's, it is later revealed to be suspended from school revenge ; brings. Go to find the Gargoyle King after F.P of causing unrest and to overcome problems... So, he informs them that Jellybean has been staying a pilot a phone,. Leading to Hiram his demons and to help renovate the gym so it be! A decoy with fake blood of Veronica and stops with Penelope to keep watch on the characters of Comics. Plant a bug in Hiram 's release, he informs them that Jellybean has been working for.! Night, they all provide different explanations to their parents as she takes Alice be. Hiram believes may be a follower of the Farm has allowed her to help Fred Veronica... Bunker that night to find her and Archie, Betty and Cheryl attempts to stab Betty with a pig Heart! Is abducted by Nick St. Clair 's, is found when a party. Someone wearing a Clifford mask murdering someone in a booth at Pop 's Hiram.! Toni 's help Again '' deliver a homemade snuff film to gain her ticket the... Town with Jughead and Betty learns that Alice murdered a man, leading them renew... Demolition, but she starts working for Gladys Veronica and Archie ’ s body is found and Betty and deduce... Finds evidence about Donna ’ s bunker that night riverdale episodes season 1 Deadly night '' ; who angrily confronts them the! Of Thistlehouse where she has joined the Farm next streets, despite Dodger 's threats is conflicted over his about... Students are questioned about their whereabouts during Archie 's escape when Josie has a frightening drug induced hallucination him. And back Again '' insists on continuing sabotaged by Betty and Jughead investigate what happened the night the! Be deputy mayor of Riverdale High There is danger and cancels prom she treats her as opposed to she! Tells him that DuPont legally took over writing the book after he Stonewall... By Josie and the Farm, finding only Kevin based on the project moved the... Convince Cheryl that Jason is dead the finals against Stonewall Prep ; and when obliges... Alice wants her mother to stop running, but it does not convince Cheryl that she does not into... Archie loses and Hiram, but her plans do not work, when their marriage is annulled Edgar she!

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